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The Walking Wounded Book

The Walking Wounded Book is for the woman that wants healing from either trauma such as sexual trafficking, a bad marriage, divorce or death, etc., or from abuse in any form such as: child abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic abuse, etc.

Pastor Deb is an ex-victim of abuse, and as such knows what you are going through.

  • She understands the confusion when you react to something in a different way than you intended to. 
  • She has felt the pain, when people do not want to be around you because you are so hard to get along with.
  • She has been the party girl, the good girl, and every girl in between.
  • She knows what it is like to wonder 'who am I anyway?'
  • She too has cried out to God "I don't like myself, how can anyone else like me?"
If any of this is ringing a bell with you, then it is time to take action: Get The Walking Wounded Book today and begin your journey from being the Walking Wounded to becoming the Warrior Woman that God has called you to be!

To make your healing journey through the book easier, also pick up The Walking Wounded Workbook which takes you through the book step by step.

Don't wait! Start your healing journey today and become the woman that you were always meant to be! Get your books now!

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