Christians Be Healed!


Christians Be Healed

Christians be healed is a site for those that hurt and are ready to be healed by the Lord.

Christians may hurt from past trauma in your life or from abuse in your past. That could be a death, or a divorce; the abuse could be emotional, physical, sexual, etc. All these events cause wounds in your spirit and the Lord wants to see you healed.

For the Christian woman looking to be healed, read The Walking Wounded, use the workbook to journey through the pages and move from being the Walking Wounded to the Warrior Woman of God!

For the Christian man that is ready to be healed, read the Wounded Soldier, apply the workbook and find your place in Him as you journey through these pages. Move from being the Wounded Soldier to the Mighty Man of God that He has called you to be!

 I hope this site will be a blessing to all that visit and please feel free to contact me at deb dot ling2 at gmail dot com

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your testimonies of God's healing grace.

 God Bless

Pastor Deb

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